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DNA pattern

DNA pattern

My friends Katrin and Jens made some time ago a website that featured pictures of our chromosomes DNA. And how would they manage to make pictures of them, you might ask? Well, as you might know (if you don’t, click links above), our DNA is composed of molecules called bases, that are disposed into a certain sequence. This disposition is what makes us human. Anyway, imagine assigning one color to each one of these bases and then print the sequence. Yes, that’s how they made it. And it looks pretty, doesn’t it?

But they went a step further now! What about turning these images into audio? Easier said than done, but nonetheless, they did it again. Their website started broadcasting this week,  starting from Chromosome 1, and was even featured in Slashdot. They calculate it will take 23 years and half to broadcast the entire human genome sequence. You don’t have to listen all the way, don’t worry, but if you are interested in knowing more about yourself and the fine piece of work you (we) are, tune in!


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