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I like reading blogs, although I don’t really enjoy the “show off stuff to others” direction that many have taken, feels kind of dull to see the same method everywhere. But I must admit there are some useful and entertaining blogs out there. And when I come across something interesting, I find myself thinking, “I wish I had a blog to share this awesome thing”. Sigh.

Writing a blog, uff… I have had this account for so long I can’t even remember. But I kind of refused to join the masses of blogs used to forward other’s posts (with little own original content), just like I refuse to forward Powerpoint spam mails whenever I receive one. But with time I’ve come to the conclusion that blogs aren’t evil and the world is too cool to remain silent about it. Hence the post title.

I don’t really expect anyone to read this blog, since it won’t have anything special. Just my thoughts about totally random stuff that I like. But if you land here for whatever the reason, welcome! I’m Arien, this is my blog and I hope you have a nice time around here 🙂


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